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Spectra Hexa Feeds Limited

‘Mega Feed’ is a very well-known brand name in the fish and animal feed sector of Bangladesh. ‘Mega Feed’ is now known as a synonym for floating Fish Feed. With the advent of Mega feed in the market, a revolution was started in tilapia fish farming in Bangladesh.

‘Mega Feed’ is a brand of Spectra Hexa Feeds Limited. Spectra Hexa Feeds Ltd. is a joint venture Private Limited Company established by Spectra Group of Bangladesh, Hexa Group of Thailand and Yarak B. T Corp. Ltd. of Taiwan. This company was established 2005 and it went into production and marketing in 2007.

Since 2007, the company has been manufacturing and marketing fish, poultry and livestock feed all over the country through 5 depots and about 400+ distributors. Under the brand name of ‘Mega Feed’ Spectra Hexa Feeds Ltd. produces more than 65 product lines in their state of the art feed factory situated in Shibalay, Manikganj. The diversified products are designed to serve different segment and stages of fish and animal farming. Mega Feed does not end their responsibility only with production and marketing, but also emphasize on improving production of farms by providing technical assistance to the farmers. Mega Feed is highly regarded by farmers and stakeholders as a farmer-friendly, high-yield innovative feed that has made its mark in the fisheries and animal farming field of Bangladesh. Mega feed is one of the market leaders with sustainable growth and enviable goodwill.

Spectra Hexa Feeds Limited is a BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Certified organization.

At a glance
Name of the Factory : Spectra Hexa Feeds Ltd.
Location of the Factory : Ichail, Utholi, Shibalaya, Manikgonj.
Registered Office : House No. 17, Road No.106
Bolck CEN(f) Gulshan, Dhaka.
Form of Entity : Private Limited Company.


Spectra Hexa Feeds Limited is committed to enhance customer service through a quality system and procedure. In doing so company has long term vision that will be achieved in course of everyday practice and performance by the top to lower management.


This company has its own philosophy by which it runs its business ethically and is not enticed to get involved with any unethical venture. Quality skilled personnel and sound technical logistic support ensure high quality service. Our salient principle is to survive in the international market by dint of good reputation.


Spectra Hexa Feeds Limited

Spectra Hexa Feeds Limited is Bangladesh-Thailand-Taiwan joint venture company established by Spectra Group of Bangladesh, Hexa Group of Thailand and Yarak B. T Corp. Ltd of Taiwan.


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